Yellowfin vs. Seatamer Boats

For over 25 years, Seatamer has been building quality, custom fishing vessels. When it comes to Yellowfin vs Seatamer boats, there are a few key differences to consider, especially when it comes to essential components and features. Read on for our Seatamer and Yellowfin boat reviews.

Comparison Between Yellowfin and Seatamer Boats

With all the options on the market, it can be hard to tell what's real and what's a gimmick. Read on for a summary on Yellowfin vs Seatamer boats.

Australian Made

If you are looking to for an Australian made boat, you can’t go wrong in the Yellowfin vs Seatamer debate. Both Seatamer (Toronto, NSW) and Yellowfin (Queensland) vessels are made in Australia.

Australian Owned

If you want to support Australian owned businesses, Seatamer is the way to go in the Yellowfin vs Seatamer discussion. Yellowfin is a corporate company owned and operated in the USA.

Fully Framed

Aluminium plate boats can be separated into two categories; those that are fully framed and those that aren’t. Boats get their strength from frames—Seatamer boats are fully framed, whereas Yellowfin boats are not. This is a key difference when it comes to Yellowfin vs Seatamer boats.


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Foam Flotation

Flotation foam prevents boats from sinking, provides thermal insulation and decent soundproofing. Boats with foam flotation will not sink, no matter how much damage they incur. This is something both boats have in common when it comes to the Yellowfin vs Seatamer debate.

No matter how many holes in this hull it will not sink

one pinhole means flotation is compromised

100% Customisation

If you are looking for a boat you can customise, there is an obvious choice in the Yellowfin vs Seatamer debate. Unlike Yellowfin vessels, Seatamer boats are 100% customisable to your needs. You can add and remove features and put whatever you want wherever you want it. At Seatamer, we believe if you’re spending up to 100K or more on a boat, you should be able to design it exactly how you want it.

Proven Commercial Hull

Seatamer vessels are designed and built according to a proven commercial hull design, unlike Yellowfin boats.

Separate Fuel Tank

When it comes to Yellowfin vs Seatamer, both boasts have a separate fuel tank, which is essential when it comes to cleaning, repair jobs, and replacement.

Sold by Manufacturer

Unlike Seatamer, Yellowfin boats are not sold by the manufacturer and are sold by dealers across Australia.

Yellowfin Boat Reviews

To summarise our Yellowfin boat reviews, Both Yellowfin and Seatamer boats are Australian made, but Yellowfin is a corporate company based in the USA. If buying local from Australian family-owned businesses is important to you, Seatamer is the best choice for you.

Yellowfin vessels are not fully framed, customisable or designed according to a proven commercial hull. Not only that, but Yellowfin boats have a mere 1-year recreational warranty as opposed to Seatamer’s 3-year commercial warranty.

Yellowfin Boat Problems

There are Yellowfin boat problems to keep in mind. Yellowfin vessels are not customisable, so what you see is what you get. They are not super sturdy as they are not fully framed, making them less durable and strong.


There are key differences regarding Yellowfin vs Seatamer warranties. Commercial warranties have no limits on use, unlike recreational warranties. Seatamer boats have a three-year commercial warranty, whereas Yellowfin only have a one-year recreational warranty.

When it comes down to Yellowfin vs Seatamer boats, there is a clear winner. If you are looking for an Australian made boat that is high-performing, built to last, with key essential features, browse our Seatamer range today.


The information provided is accurate to the best of the information provided by each of the manufactures via their websites. If any information is inaccurate we will correct it. The purpose of this information is to provide an accurate comparison of the vessels and their construction.   


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