Bar Crusher vs. Seatamer Boats

Family-owned manufacturer Seatamer has been designing and building custom aluminium plate fishing boats for over 25 years. If you are deciding between a Bar Crusher vs Seatamer boat, there are key differences to consider before making a purchase. Read on for our Seatamer and Bar Crusher boat reviews.

Comparison Between Bar Crusher and Seatamer Boats

With all that is available, it can be hard to tell what's real deal and what’s not. There are key components when it comes to Bar Crusher vs Seatamer boats.

Australian Made

Both Bar Crusher and Seatamer boats are a built in Australia, if you prefer to buy from local and Australian businesses.

All Seatamer boats are built in Australia– you can even be a part of the process and visit the factory, meet the staff, and watch your boat being built.

Australian Owned

Like Seatamer, Bar Crusher vessels are an Australian owned company.

Fully Framed

Aluminium plate boats can be separated into two categories; boats that are fully framed and those that aren’t. Vessels get their strength from frames, so it’s important for a vessel to be fully framed. Both Seatamer and Bar Crusher boats are fully framed.


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Foam Flotation

When it comes to Bar Crusher vs Seatamer boats, there are key components that shouldn’t be ignored. Boats with foam flotation will not sink, no matter how much damage it incurs. Foam flotation not only prevents sinking but offers excellent sound proofing and thermal insulation. Unlike Seatamer boats, Bar Crusher vessels don’t have foam flotation.

No matter how many holes in this hull it will not sink

one pinhole means flotation is compromised

100% Customisation

At Seatamer, each boat is designed and built to our clients’ needs using the latest technologies. Customisation gives you the freedom to add and remove features and decide what you want and where you want it. Seatamer boats are 100% customisable, whereas Bar Crusher boats are not.

Proven Commercial Hull

Seatamer boats are designed to Australian Standards and built on a proven commercial hull design unlike Bar Crusher vessels.

Separate Fuel Tank

Seatamer boats have a separate fuel tank, so you can remove it to clean, repair, and replace it easily. Fuel tanks can be one of the most problematic parts of a boat, so separate fuel tanks are essential to keep your boat in top condition.

Sold by Manufacturer

Bar Crusher boats are not sold by the manufacturer and are sold by dealers across Australia. Family-owned manufacturer Seatamer sell their vessels across the country and are open to feedback and improvement from clients directly.

Bar Crusher Boat Reviews

When it comes to Bar Crusher vs Seatamer boats, there are plenty of differences to keep in mind before purchasing. Although Bar Crusher boats are fully framed, Australian made and an Australian owned company, the similarities stop there. Unlike Seatamer vessels, Bar Crusher boats are not customisable, and don’t have foam flotation or a separate fuel tank.

Bar Crusher Boat Problems

There are a few Bar Crusher boat problems to keep in mind when deciding between Bar Crusher vs Seatamer boats. Without foam flotation, Bar Crusher boats are far less durable than Seatamer vessels and are more likely to sink from damage. Without a separate fuel tank, the process of cleaning, repairing, and replacing your tank becomes a timely, and not to mention, expensive ordeal.


Seatamer offers a 3-year recreational warranty after purchasing, which has no limits on use. Bar Crusher boats come with 5-year structural warranty.

When it comes to debating Bar Crusher vs Seatamer vessels, consider your options carefully. For an Australian made boat that is 100% customisable, high performing, strong, and built to last, browse through our Seatamer range today!


The information provided is accurate to the best of the information provided by each of the manufactures via their websites. If any information is inaccurate we will correct it. The purpose of this information is to provide an accurate comparison of the vessels and their construction.   


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