An Australian family owned business employing local trades people. For over 25 Years Seatamer has been building customised Fishing vessels. The endurance of our PTF boats is measured in engines. That's right, not how many hours but how many engines has the boat had. Some customer have had 5 engines and over 20,000 combined hours in their Seatamer over 15 years. 

 All our boats are built here in Australia, you can visit the factory, meet the staff and watch your boat being built.   

We work closely with AMSA - Australian Maritime Safety Authority and several leading Naval Architects. 

When ordering a vessel you can choose from our standard cabin configuration and layouts or you can choose to totally customise your cabin and cockpit layout to suit your needs. You can design your cockpit layout with our expert advice.

Seatamer also supplies custom accessories such as kill tanks, live bait tanks, rocket launchers, pods, rail work, all customized to suit your vessel. 

The Seatamer team take great pride in high standards of quality workmanship and performance so when your vessel is complete you know you will have a boat that will perform and last.
Material thickness depends on the vessel design, typically we use 5mm bottom, 4mm sides, 3mm cabin, with extra bulkheads and stringers to exceed standard performance designs. This makes for very strong and durable boats. So when you are miles out at sea you will feel confident and safe in a Seatamer.

Custom aluminium boat builders

Seatamer and the PTF Series are part of the ORL Manufacturing family of brands.


Seatamer was established by Joe & Teresa Vella, in the Newcastle region, operating the business for 25 years. The Seatamer legacy was passed to Nigel & Tracey Matthews in November 2019.  
Seatamer remains a family business employing local Australian's. 

An Australian family owned business employing local trades people. Our clients include Government Departments, Commercial and Private buyers. We have built vessels for some of the most prestigious companies and organisations.


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